UI/UX, Software, Digital Installation

We need to launch a digital point of sale for the tobacco category across all stores.

This project was very sensitive as it tobacco which is very regulated by the government and we had to make sure we met these following goals. First we had to design and build a digital kiosk that would serve as a vending machine or print dispenser which was sleek and integrated with the proper interactivity to replace the current cigarette shopping experience. The second phase involved building a software that would only target smokers, offer the cigarette ranges and allow users to easily navigate and select the cigarette of choice, and be managed and controlled by a central admin.

12 %
Sales increased
53 %
Leads increased
8 %
Bounce rate

FIrst our industrial designers worked alongside the team to design and construct a a sleek and functional touch screen kiosk in different models for different store sizes. After the testing was complete on the hardware side, we developed an embedded software that was linux based running on our secured Hive Operating system. The user journey was very important in this project, and we integrated a secure system that authenticates the age of users by using their government ID’s to allow them to access the system that made sure that users were over the required age.

For the UI/UX we used a simple shelf layout that allowed users to navigate and filter easily across brands or flavors. For the first time customers were able to explore different ranges of cigarettes that was never possible in the traditional cigarette shopping experience. Our goal was to encourage users to explore and try different alternatives, that match their taste preference.


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