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Just Switch

We need to enhance the experience on our instore digital kiosk via a redesigned UI/UX software.

We had two main objectives in mind: get people’s attention when the (digital kiosk) device is idling, and allowing users be able to finish their customization of a product under 2 minutes. Our team had to analyze the existing online portal that was currently also running in the retail stores, and our findings were that the offline retail experience needed to be simpler and quicker.

55 %
Faster experience
70 %
Enhanced UI
35 %
Quicker system

After analyzing the existing user journey, we worked on several scenarios to design a seamless user experience that will increase the overall shopping journey. We wrapped the system with our Hive Os which allowed the Axiom team to easily manage and update all content from the master admin. Overall the new and fresh UI was a masterpiece, with sleek transitions that made customers want to keep shopping for more.

Just Switch

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