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Our industry is very corporate and outdated, hence we need to digitize and modernize our business to educate and capture more subscribers.

We were given 2 main goals to achieve, first was to design and develop a modern and credible brand that stands out from the traditional plain and complex companies that currently flood the market.

First is to design and develop a modern and credible brand, that stands out from the traditional plain and complicated, brands that are currently flood the market. Second was to develop an interactive and simple website integrated with CMS to help increase sales and leads by making it easy for potential applicants to understand the second citizenship offerings, as well as simplify the selection process tailored for them.

40 %
Sales increased
15 %
Leads increased
8 %
Bounce rate

Branding: The two most important factors of an immigration firm is trust, and credibility. Therefore we decided to use dark blue and gold as brand colors. We used an arrow that looks like part of K for the logo with the tagline "Second Citizenship, First Choice"

Website: There are many business that similar to Karibi across the globe, so in order to stand out from the crowd, we made a very unique look for their website. People who visit this website are usually high net worth individuals that are above 35, so an easy to use experience was a must, with a customized admin CMS that allows management of the site a breeze.

DXBee™ did an extraordinary job with the elegant and on-spot branding as well as the website which turned out to be a masterpiece that generates 10x the leads we had imagined to get. We were convinced that the DXBEE team would deliver exactly what we were looking for, but they exceeded our expectations and integrated into our business to build a brand and a system that is the core of our business.

Walid Thabet

Karibi CEO

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