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We need to re-establish our digital presence by launching a luxurious website that meets the standards of our clients.

We worked alongside the District 1 team to achieve several goals. First was to redesign and redevelop the website to make sure it reflects the luxury and quality of the property as well as capture qualified leads. Then we had to also develop the microsite for the new D1 apartments offerings. After we built their digital presence online we had to build experiences from digital installations that also generate leads to designing the new sales centre with interactive systems and IOT solutions. Finally, we had to also assist in designing a home buyers application to facilitate all requests digitally for home owners.

50 %
Sales increased
13 %
Leads increased
8 %
Bounce rate

We developed a luxurious and immersive website with an optimized, user-friendly navigation. People who visit the D1 website are usually high net worth individuals that are above 35, so an easy to use experience was a must, with a customized admin CMS ( Drupal ) that allows management of the site a breeze. One of the main features of the site was to develop an interactive map that visually displays the key positioning of the project for international investors. We also worked with the team, to conceptualize a portal and mobile application that replaces the traditional paper owner manual. It allowed buyers to pay service charges, register tenants, and requests services for their homes.


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