Retail, Grooming,
Industrial Design, Production & Software

We are looking for a unique in-store display that allows shoppers to easily understand the new benefits of our new product range.

The grooming category is quite competitive and we had to design and produce a very attractive display to the male target market in store, that appeals to the target market and allows them in just a few second to understand the benefits of this innovative product, that increases overall in-store sale conversions.

8 %
Sell outs
24 %
Sales increase
4 %
In-store penetration

We designed and produced a digital point of sale display that was embedded with a transparent interactive touch screen, that glorified the real product inside. We 3D mapped the display that was super imposed on the actual real product and allowed shoppers to digitally rotate the dial using the touch screen. This created a seamless and interactive experience that explained the key features of the new Braun Series. We rolled this out in the key stores across the MiddleEast region.


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