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We need to launch an ecommerce site that allows our clients to purchase and navigate all of our 5,000 products online.

The client approached us with an extremely outdated website, hoping to replace it with a modern, user-friendly site. Since the scale of Sara’s operation is massive, the project was quite complicated to plan effectively. The scope included a modern corporate website with a product quotation generator for contractors. We also built a demo site for Villeroy & Boch middle east as part of the overall project.

42 %
Sales increased
12 %
Leads increased
6 %
Bounce rate

We used modern and simple design techniques to redesign the website that matched the new corporate brand identity developed. Our UI/UX designers also panned the new sitemap along with the user journey. We minimized the tabs so users can easily navigate to the exact category they are looking for,. Especially that we had 3 different target markets that were quite different, that we had to consider. We then used the logo to create elements using the same angles that brought sophistication to the whole site. After the design was brought to life, we then integrated a Wordpress CMS along with WOO commerce to manage the 5,000 products that were on the site.


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