P&G - Thank you mom

Digital Installation, Production, Web App

We need to launch a digital campaign for UNICEF in-store, that breaks a world record and reaches more than 30,000 People.

We were approached with a campaign concept that we needed to bring to life by designing and developing all of the in-store units as well as the content/software that brought this campaign to life. The objective was to build a tool that collects greetings in-store that can be sent and shared to mothers anywhere, as well as showcase all the greetings online to thousands of other users to also explore.

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Greetings sent
World record

We came up with a concept of building in-store digital kiosks that allowed users to send greetings to their mothers via sms/email while grocery shopping. Once the recipient receives the message they can open the link that opened the web portal with the customized greeting. We were able to collect and send more than 6,000 greetings that were also printed and installed on a street billboard to create the largest mosaic of greetings in the world, and break a new Guinness world record.

We also developed a dynamic admin, that allowed us to track the greetings as well as analytics reporting categorized by time and stores that most greetings were collected. We also mimicked the street billboard by designing an online version using WebGL, in which users who missed the billboard can always visit the site online and read all the beautiful messages that were written during this heart warming campaign.

P&G - Thank you mom

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