Dubai Equestrain Club

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Dubai Equestrain Club

We want a functional online platform that allows our visitors to register, view and find all our events and rides.

We were challenged to develop a fully interactive web platform that easily showcases all the rides and events, and transform a site into a portal that allows visitors to register and follow their favorite rides, as well as uplift the whole experience and UI of the existing site.

40 %
Recurring Visit Increase
28 %
Registration Increase
17 %
Bounce rate

We developed a fully interactive website that was integrated with a live tracking tool using APIs that automates the horse rides data seamlessly, allowing visitors to follow live events and register for future events all on one platform. We had to develop a very simple UI/UX with a modern touch to make it easy to navigate throughout the site. Additionally, we also launched an interactive venue page that allows visitors to enter an interactive journey that showcases all the venues that are part of Dubai Endurance City.

Dubai Equestrain Club
We were losing several registrations and loyal visitors to our site, as our site was not functional and had very bad UI/UX that made it a nightmare to use. DXBee™ totally transformed our platform with marvelous modern design and with extreme functionality that made our lives much easier, and we are able to manage the site with a press of a button, DXBee™ never fails to impress us.


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